Portrait of a Circleville Tiger

Beginning in December, 2022, Circleville City Schools assembled a Design Team to help cultivate a "Portrait of a Graduate". The world is rapidly changing and we wanted our Tigers to be ready when they leave our Campus after Graduation. What will the future hold for them, and most importantly, what skills will they need to possess to be successful in whatever path they take after graduation. Whether it be enrolling in a university, enlisting in the military or finding employment in our community, these skills must be durable and hold throughout a rapidly changing environment. The workforce is changing and technology is ever evolving. How should we best prepare our Tigers? This brief video will help depict what our Tigers will face in the future. 

Our Portrait Design Team was made up of district wide stakeholders who helped Circleville develop a Portrait of a Graduate—a collective vision that articulates our district’s shared aspirations for all our students. The design team reviewed research related to job postings and the most requested competencies today's employers are looking for. These competencies are believed to help students be successful post graduation no matter what path they choose. 

Battelle for Kids helped in facilitating this process. They have championed this initiative and led many schools through this process of creating their own Portraits. Click the link below for more information on this initiative and to see other Portraits from around the state and country!

We decided to create a Portrait of not just a Graduate, but of a Circleville Tiger. The Design Team wanted all of our Tigers to feel incorporated in this initiative. From preschool through 12th grade, these competencies will be the foundation for student experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.  Once our five competencies or skills were chosen, it was then time to decide on a graphic to represent our Portrait. The team discussed what was not only important to our community, but also what is unique only to Circleville. Below is our final graphic which includes the competencies. We are very proud of this work!

Once the creation of our Portrait was completed, we started to discuss how we would share it with our staff, students, families and the community! We developed our Phases of Implementation, a process inclusive of four phases: Development, Awareness, Experimentation and finally Commitment. Each phase has a timeline and processes to help us navigate through! 

Our Circleville High School Capstone Media Arts students created this special video to help tell the story surrounding the Portrait of a Circleville Tiger! Click HERE to watch! 

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