CHS Gymnasium Facilities photos of the gym, field house, and auditorium.CHS Berger athletics field house
School facilities may be used by groups or organizations for any lawful purpose, as long as the use adheres to Board Policies for appropriate use and does not interfere with school operations.


If you are interested in renting/reserving our Facilities please contact our CHS office at 740-474-4846.
School premises shall be available for the below-listed uses. When there are competing interests, approval will be given according to the following priorities:
  1. uses directly related to the schools and the operations of the schools
  2. meetings of employee associations
  3. uses for voter registration and elections
  4. departments or agencies of the municipal government
  5. other governmental agencies
  6. community organizations or groups of individuals primarily comprised of District residents/members of the community, including students (during non-school hours) and employees (when not working in the scope of their employment) formed or gathered for charitable, civic, social, recreational (e.g., indoor or outdoor games or physical activities, either organized or unorganized, that are undertaken for exercise, relaxation, diversion, sport, or pleasure), and/or educational purposes, provided such meetings and/or entertainment is nonexclusive and open to the general public
  7. Facilities Highlights: - Multimedia driven classrooms with interactive smart boards and 1:1 technology to student ratios - 564 seat auditorium and stage featuring a state of the art light and sound system. - Three gymnasiums with ample seating - 62 seat Alumni Room meeting space - Multi-purpose courtyard and outdoor patio and study area - Three interactive media centers, and - Four computer labs retrofitted with the latest in 21st Century educational technology  
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