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Online Learning with Circleville City Schools

In our district, our core belief is that students benefit the most when working hand in hand with a teacher in a brick and mortar building. Sometimes, however, due to various reasons, the need arises for instruction made up of online learning and/or in-person instruction at the discretion of the student’s academic support team made up of family members and teachers. At Circleville City, we do not actively practice placing students on an online platform as traditional online schools practice as we believe our students are our students and our staff knows their individual academic and social-emotional needs better than off-site, web hosted schools. Each student is a Tiger and, accordingly, they will have a Tiger teacher whether here full-time in the classroom or working online from home. These core beliefs are the foundation of the digital Tiger Remote Learning program.

Offered in grades 4-12 only in 2021-2022, students will learn by way of Google Classroom and their schedules will be created in conjunction with their building's administrative team. *It is possible that certain advanced or elective courses may not be available to students in the online format, as they would be if a student were physically on campus. 

  1. Any family intending on pursuing the Tiger Remote Learning option must be enrolled as a Circleville City Schools student if not already registered with the district. If you are a prospective student returning from elsewhere, please refer to CirclevilleCitySchools.org and head to Parent Resources and the Student Registration Link in our menu for details on the enrollment process.

  2. Parents/guardians and teachers in the online learning option are expected to be equal partners in the facilitation of online learning. Each provider plays a pivotal role in providing certain deliverables to each child to ensure learning happens online.

  3. District staff will offer virtual meetings periodically, for family support to ask questions and receive help with online schooling facilitation.

  1. Students enrolled in the program are eligible to return to school after the 1st Semester ONLY if it is in the best interest of the student, but they must complete at least one semester. If a parent would like to see their child return physically to campus after the first semester, they must notify the building principal prior to December 1st. Any requests to return prior to the next semester can only be approved by the building principal. 

  2. Parents and guardians of students in the Tiger Remote Learning Option must meet with their building administration/principal prior to the start of school. 

  3. In the event that an enrolled student does not have a device at home for online learning, they will be provided with a school issued Chromebook regardless of grade level (K-12) upon turning in the necessary district technology and Chromebook agreements.

  4. Students will be assigned a Circleville City Schools teacher and/or coordinated services specialist (if necessary) as their instructors for online learning. 

  5. Students will receive traditional grades in alignment with the grading scales and policies of the school in which they would otherwise be attending in person.

  6. All students enrolled in TRL will be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities and athletics.

  7. For technical assistance with devices and logins, families can contact [email protected] for support. 

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