The Tiger Pride Playbook

Since 2018, Circleville City Schools has partnered with Focus3, a consulting team who assists schools in their pursuit a deeper understanding of how people, leaders, and organizations combine to produce results.
With academic performance in mind, the answer was simple, culture drives behavior and our responses to the every day success and challenges in our lives delivers results. 
Circleville City Schools stands firm in its efforts to develop the students of tomorrow through academic innovation and advancement, community and parent engagement, and student success.  Our charge as educators, and as a community, lies in our combined efforts to provide Circleville with a local platform for each child to grow on a daily basis.

Our culture is essential to those efforts and is at the heart of our district. It makes Circleville City Schools a special place to learn, teach, and grow.  We take pride in our past, where we stand today, and our plans for the future.  Building and sustaining Circleville City Schools’ culture requires intentional effort from everyone in the organization. Our Tiger Pride Playbook, developed with Focus3, defines who we are as Tigers, the experiences we provide in our schools, and how we are soaring to new heights in 2020 and beyond.
Moving forward, we encourage parents to talk with their student about some of the concepts prescribed in this playbook and we look forward to our continued growth as a Tiger Family in respect to the climate and culture within our schools. 
Go Tigers! 
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